Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two Layouts; one old-ish, one brand-spankin' new

I am officially the slowest scrapbooker in the known world. It took me all day to finish one page... and by finish, I mean I started parts of it a few days ago, but only completed it today. =)

Here is the masterpiece:

I am not usually a "hidden journaling" kind of girl, but this one kind of demanded that approach.
The photo is of the itinerant produce market that would role into the street, right outside our window (you can see it just past the hotel sign). This is just one of the many, many benefits of staying in a residential area, where Venetians live. Throughout the tourist-y parts of Venice, the sidewalks roll up at 9:30, but in Canareggio, we would see many people out and about walking and chatting, little children running and riding their bikes in the piazza well into the night. it was lovely.

So that's my new page... here's the "not-so-new" one. I was over at a friend's this past weekend and we were talking about scrappin'. I told her about a page I did and pointed here to this blog to check it out. Funny thing.... I never posted it! Heeheehee, oops!

So, with no further delay...........

I am so in love with these little felt flowers I scored AT THE DOLLER STORE! Gotta love it!

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