Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Layouts

Alrighty... it's Thursday which means that I am still on track to keep my resolution.

So for a long time I wasn't scrapbooking at all. As I mentioned last post, it was non-stop Christmas cards, Christmas cards all the time. Well, I got my groove back. These are my latest two:

My brother has a new love, his new camera (well actually 2 new loves, the picture taking gizmo he's pictured with above, and his not-so-new-anymore [before Canadian Thanksgiving] girlfriend. I like them both! Heheheheee

I dig this layout because I LOVE the picture. I posted it as my profile pic on facebook and you would not believe how many people messaged to ask me how I know "The Rock'. I strung some of them along for a while, telling them that I met Duane when he was living up here during his CFL days. If you know me, you know I am the world's worst liar, so i could only keep the charade up for a short time, but HOLY FUNNY!

Okay... off to fulfill another resolution: Go to bed at a decent time on school-nights.

ni-night =)

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