Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scrap Happy!

I was super scrap happy last weekend. I did a (small) bunch of Christmas cards, as well as four new layouts. Considering I am the slowest scrapper in the western world, this is quite an accomplishment! My favorite of this recent bunch is the one I completed (albeit late- see the aforementioned comment about my scrap-speed) for the Scrapmojo challenge:

This is my friend's husband (he's my friend too!) with a doll that my son gave him as a joke. My son is a bit of a joker, so Jason's keen acceptance of the gift was the best possible response he could have had. At first Jake didn't know how to react, but then started laughing when I pulled out the camera to take these pics that Jason happily posed for.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A few more from the cottage album

I am slowly uploading the cottage album pages. Here are a few more:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holy deliquent blogger Batman!

Oh My! I haven't blogged for the better part of a month. Well, it has been a ridiculously busy month.

Well, I finally got my RVA swap box of goodies. My swap partner experienced multiple difficulties with shipping over the border , but persistence paid off and it showed up on the front porch last Thursday. Check out the fun goodies. I can't wait to play with this stuff this weekend.

A handy watchmaker's tin with fun pirate buttons inside. I have a bunch of pirate paper and a few pictures of Jake dressed up for Hallowe'en a few years ago that have been waiting for embellishments like these:

An assortment of pretty ribbons. I am especially excited about the length of sage lace:

Some making memories funky fibers in primary colours:

This great doggy lover stationary (Jenny clearly peeked around my twopeas gallery and saw my two lovelies):

Ultra-fantastico Hambly screen rub-ons. These are hard to get your paws on up here (either that or I am looking in the wrong places- If anyone knows where in the GTA I can get more of these, let me know).

Two magnetic frames. The magnets seem to be very strong; they should be able to withstand Jake's power-kicks to the refrigerator door-Maybe not.... I'll put them on the side of the fridge, just to be safe.

A pretty little (actually, it's pretty sizable) bangle bracelet:

And I saved the best for last..... these two FANTASTIC fabrics:

I LOVE the sock monkeys!!!!

And everything came all packaged up in a beautiful Italian inspired box (again, Jenny did her research and discovered I am an Italophile):

I can't wait for my next swap.