Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's resolution

Okey-dokey... here's a resolution I may actually be able to keep.
I resolve to update my blog no less than once a week (more in a perfect world).
I really haven't had much to add in recent weeks. It has all been kitchen renovation and Christmas prep.
I did finish my first semester of pottery, and I look forward to starting semester 2 in January.

Pinch pot with coil top and stamped button. Glaze- White outside, Raspberry inside.

Pinch pot gone wrong (aka. the "Ugly bowl"). Glaze- Nutmeg outside and rubbed over leaf motif, Speckled White inside.

Cookie Cutter Christmas ornament. Glaze- Blue slip under white glaze.

Christmas Ball. Glaze-Speckled White on top, Blue slate in middle, Blue slate over white on bottom.

Leafy Vase. Handbuilt column vase with fresh leaf pressed into the clay and stamped clay appliques. Glaze- Andrea's Gold on outside, Nutmeg inside, Jade rubbed into the leaf motifs.

I also made a rockin' platter with a star motif (for serving yummy Christmas goodies) and a desk cup for my grandma's desk, but the camera batteries died before I could get a decent shot. The cup is gone to Whitby now, but will snap a few pics once the camera is revived.

I have also started scrapbooking again. I hadn't done a page in I don't know how long. I was focussing on the 3 zillion Christmas cards. I only send out about 50, but I was on a roll. I will save the leftovers and send them out next year, but I know I'll make more in the summer. The surplus will get passed along to the church for their Christmas bazaar.

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