Friday, February 1, 2008

Scrap your garbage (and recycle the scraps)

Today we had a snowday, and the evening plans to go see Enter the Haggis were cancelled =(

Happily we'll all be able to get together tomorrow night.

I took the time off today to do a bit of cleaning, and ended up with tidying my sCRAP desk and catch up on my craft blog-stalking.

I read last week about Ali Edwards' challenge to incorperate junk mail in youir layouts. She did a cool layout that I can't find now! Grrr. I should really learn how to bookmark all the cool pages I come actross.

Anyway, here's mine. I used a flyer we recieved in the mail for a new townhouse complex going up in the neighboorhood.

I backed the clear buttons with images of windows from the ad. Sadly the whole layout doesn't photograph very well because of the sheen on the paper. Oh well, what can I say? At least it was free. =)

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