Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More layouts for archiving

So, the reality is, I keep this blog as a place to archive my layouts, and share them with the ~3 friends who read this.

Okay dokey, here are a few more:
- This is one I did at a scrapbooking class that Tina and I attended on my birthday weekend. The class was given by a local collage artist, Lesley Denford (check out her website, which she updates faithfully Monday-Friday, While Tina and I made our layouts, Leslie made this: (recognize the Basic Grey Obscure paper? It's the same background paper as I used in the Ars Memoriae layout....

This summer I really was aching, Aching, ACHING to get back to Italy. I was a new job, and about $1000 dollars away from making the trip. So, if one cannot go to Italy, one scraps Italy. I wrote a love letter to Florence, to let her know that I still love her and think of her daily.

This is an older one with some fun pics I took at the Science centre back in December (look at that... just a hoodie at the end of December. Those are the winter days I can live with.

A couple of Jake layouts, both new, but one done with an older picture, obviously (one of my favorite Jake pics).
I have way too many pictures from my various trips to Italy (seriously.. there's no such thing as too many pics of Italy =P), so here's one more Italy layout for ya (believe me, there are more, and I will get them all up in time. All the pictures in this layout were photographed in Venice. the relief sculpture is a detail from the back of the Doge's Palace, near Ponte Sospiri.

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