Thursday, October 23, 2008

A few more before we hit the dusty trail

We're off to our Scrapping retreat bright and early tomorrow morning (look out Bruce County, swwet and sexy 30-sumthin's headed your way, with marker on our fingertips and glue in our hair). In a perfect world I'll get a ton done and the whole weekend will be super-productive, but even if I only complete one layout and spend the bulk of the time in the hot tub or sitting in the Muskoka room gabbing with my girls, it won't be a waste of time.
You know why? 'Cause, (from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert)

"Un'amica stretta means 'a close friend.'
But stretta literally means tight, as in clothing, like a tight skirt.
So a close friend, in Italian, is one you can wear tightly, snug against your skin."

So a few friendship layouts would be in order, right? Um.... I think I've already posted the good ones, but let's dig into the deep backfiles and see what we have. Hmmm......
This One is WAY old, as in "one of the first 10 layouts I ever completed. For a novice, I was a dreamer, thinking that I could do a handcut title like it was nothing. What a pain in the @$$ that was. Looking back at this one though, I am genrally happy with it. No real, "oh my goodness, what was I thinking using that paper/squiggly scissors/sticker sneeze" regrets. K*I*S*S really works!

This one isn't so old, finished about two month ago. Most of the goodies came out of one of the lovely Red Velvet Art Kits (

This one I did last fall (almost a year ago? Can it have been that long? Oh my!)

The inspo for this paper flower came from here,

And another seasonally sampling since it is Breast Cancer awareness month:

You know Lesley's blog that I mentioned yesterday? Well today her blog points to this HILARIOUS blog about when cakes go wrong. I mean really wrong, aesthetically. One entry also nods to October as Breast Cancer awareness month. Now I know Cancer I no laughing matter, having watched it sneak up and bite my mom on the butt, and her tun around a bite it right back (she beat it, and is the tall lady in the middle of the pic featured in the layout above), but THIS( had me laughing so hard I almost peed.

Alright my loyal follower, let us head to scrap-a-palooza! We and our other homies shall imbibe on wine and share great company while making cut "n" paste art.

Ciao ciao ragazzi!

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Lesley Denford said...

Hope you had fun at your scrapbooking retreat!

And oh my gosh...I'm SUCH A KNOB. I've seen you comment on my blog before, but only just now clued in that you were at my scrapbooking class in August! I loved all the photos from your trip. Hopefully we'll get to scrapbook together again soon! :)

<3 Lesley.