Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two more from the travel book

So here are two more layouts from the Europe 2005 scrapbook I am working on. The Hulk one is pretty old now (about a year or so).

I love this layout featuring a fun photo taken at Marie Tussuad's in London

This layout features a sculpture out front of Gare San Lazare in Paris. It doubles as a birdie condo! Cool, eh?

Nothing else to report right now. I have been taking a lot of classes with my friend Tina and will post those creations here as soon as I get around to taking pictures of them. As promised earlier, I will also be posting the Cottage Anniversary book that I did for my folks. I got to get it back first (going to the cottage this weekend... so likely it will make its way up here sometime next week.

OOOh, one last thing. I got my RVA "Hollywood" paper kit in the mail yesterday, and it's brilliant. I love the stuff that Rachel and Emma put together. I busted the box open and started scrapping right away. I am a slow scrapper so I didn't get my layout done yet. A busy week means it likely won't be finished before next week. I'll post as soon as it is complete.

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