Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A new beginning

To be honest, today has not been a great day. Probably not the best day for a new beginning.... or perhaps it is. Maybe the poop that happens in life is the impetus for something greater. As my friends would tell you, I am "silver-lining girl". I don't see it today, so I'll make my own by starting my blog. I've been flirting with the blog idea for awhile now, so today I will jump right in.

So... you're probably wonderin', what's this blog about. Well, its gonna be about me, my family and friends (which properly belong in the same category), and art. By art I mean fine art of the historical type (I have my Master's degree in Early Modern Fine Art History) as well as art that I make in the form of scrapbooking and various other forms I hope to be able to explore in the coming months.

I really don't expect anyone else o read this. I write for me (and interested members of the previously mentioned friends and family group) but as a confessed blog-lurker, interested visitors are welcome.

So here I am with my corny kid (who incidentally turned 10 today):
Being a single mom has its challenges, but with supportive family and friends and a fantastic step-family we make it work, and work well.

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